Mapping the Stars | Loft Contemporary Art Gallery

Vincenzo Marsiglia, Mapping the Stars

curated by Chiara Canali

Loft Contemporary Art Gallery

Via Margaret 47, Corigliano Calabro (CS)

22 April – 16 June 2012

In the research of Vincenzo Marsiglia two categories that the Western tradition has often opposed to each other meet themselves: the art and technique, of which the digital is the present embodiment. In his work we recognize the inseparable link between art and technique that involves the need, on one side of a subject always present to build the art form, on the other a technology that provides a new aesthetic and expressive platform. As McLuhan said, “artists collect the message of cultural and technological challenge decades before they begin to transform society” (McLuhan 1964).
In the work of Vincenzo Marsiglia therefore have a dual function: anticipate new social scenarios that technologies materialize and mediate between the old and new scenarios. From this fusion of different media releases a force for change to a different and higher quality than the forces of departure, but always integrating sensory input received from the environment.
The protagonist of the poetry of Vincenzo Marsiglia remains the artistic and manual production, featuring the classic modus operandi that now, more than a decade, makes a systematic and different pattern for a “star with four points,” real logo, used in serial and abstract compositions, rhythmic and modular, on canvas, fabric, felt, ceramics, and also on digital textures. (from the text Mapping the Stars by Chiara Canali)

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