Galerie Charlot Paris

Current | Until 12/21/2012
Vincenzo Marsiglia

The Galerie Charlot is pleased to present the first exhibition in France of the work of Vincenzo Marsiglia.

Vincenzo Marsiglia’s installations and mirrors seem to materialize the theory of heterotopic spaces by Mi- chel Foucault.
As Foucault states, are heterotopic spaces «those spaces which are endowed with the curious property of being in relation with all the others, but in such a way as to suspend, neutralize, or invert the set of rela- tionships designed, reflected, or mirrored by themselves». (M. Foucault, 1984)
Thanks to a game of interactions and returns, Vincenzo Marsiglia creates an irreal space behind a surface or through a projection. He succeeds in transforming this space in a real place, connected or in dialogue with the space all around.
Illusion or reality…confusion, disorder or controlled data ? Vincenzo Marsiglia’s works make us wonder about the boundary between the real space and the illusory space.


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